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  • Antage Crema Anticellulite

    Firming anti-cellulite cream with an effective mix of active ingredients, perfect for preventing and reducing unpleasant beauty flaws. The combined action of Aloe and Collagen invigorates and tones up, giving a firm, fresh and healthy appearance, while the addition of Argan Oil nourishes and moisturizes, making skin soft, smooth and supple.

  • Antage Crema Corpo

    Body cream with Argan Oil and Collagen moisturizing and nourishing skin after shower or bath. The antioxidant and regenerating properties of Argan take care of your skin, keeping it soft, firm, supple and silky. Delicate scent, Antage Beauté gives an immediate sensation of freshness and softness.

  • Antage Crema Viso Giorno

    DAY FACE CREAM with replenishing effect. Thanks to its composition enriched with Hyaluronic Acid, Inca Oil and Argan Oil, Antage Beauté ensures an immediate anti-age protection, making wrinkles less visible and keeping skin supple, fresh and velvet. Particularly recommended as foundation for the make-up. Apply every morning on clean skin, to complete the treatment use together with Antage Beauté Night Cream.

  • Antage Crema Viso Notte

    NIGHT FACE CREAM moisturizing and nourishing treatment suitable for any skin type, even the most sensitive one. Thanks to the properties of Hyaluronic Acid, Inca Oil and Argan Oil, Antage Beauté prevents and reduces during the night the formation of wrinkles. Skin gets soon firmness, vitality and softness. Apply on clean skin before bedtime. Complete the treatment with Antage Beauté Day Cream.

  • Aquabronze

    AQUABRONZE Tan Accelerator
    It moisturizes and refreshes skin during the exposure to the sun, making it soft, fresh and tonic and alleviating the heat sensation.
    How to use: Spray before and during the sun exposure. Do not use during the first sunbaths and on very delicate skins.

  • Body Cream

    After-sun cream with refreshing and moisturizing action. It reduces redness after exposure to the sun, gives immediate relief and nourishes skin, making it tonic and soft. High anti-ageing effect thanks to Argan Oil and Aloe active principles. Not greasy.
    How to use: Apply the necessary quantity after the sun exposure. Distribute evenly and massage with fingers.

  • Skin Dry Oil

    After-sun dry oil with nourishing and refreshing action. It fixes the tan and makes skin velvet and supple. Argan Oil and Vitamin E ensure an anti-ageing action.
    How to use: Apply after sun exposure and spread evenly with hands. Not greasy. It doesn’t contain sunscreen.