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  • Bio Inca Biofluido Naturale

    BIONatural Fluid: moisturizing -anti frizz-nourishing : Inca Oil+ Karitè
    Fluid BioInca, formulated with delicate natural ingredients, it’s the ideal product for hydrate and nourishing the hair removing the frizzy and reducing the split ends. Use it on wet hair during the brushing or also on dry hair to make them easy to comb. Do not Rinse
    Without SLS-SleS-Parabens

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  • Bio Inca Biomaschera Naturale

    NATURAL BIOMASK – moisturizing-nourishing- sensible hair and skin: Inca Oil+ Karitè+
    Mask BioInca, formulated with delicate natural ingredients, thanks to the excellent qualities of Inca oil and extracts of Karitè, it’s the ideal treatment after washing with Shampoo BioInca to moisturize hair from roots to ends, making them extremely silky, rich and smooth.
    Without SLS-SleS-Parabens

    Use: Apply a little quantity of Mask on washed hair, distribute evenly, massage and rinse.

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  • Bio Inca Bioshampoo Naturale

    Natural BioShampoo – moisturizing and reinforcing for sensible skin and hair. Shampoo Bio Inca, with delicate formula based on natural ingredients thanks to the amazing nourishing Inca oil qualities , it’s ideal for sensible hair and skin and for daily washings. The Karitè extract moisturizes dry hair from roots to ends, giving brightness and softness.
    Without SLS-SleS-Parabens
    Use: Apply a few quantity of shampoo on wet hair , massage and rinse. Repeat the operation then dry. We recommend using it with Mask bioInca.

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  • Bio Inca Olio Dermoattivo

    BIO Natural Oil-
    Bio- Skin Care Oil , moisturizing for body and hair, anti-age action, makes the skin and hair soft and silky.
    His formulation it’s composed by natural ingredients. The most relevant active ingredients are the Sacha Inchi Oil (Plukenetia Volubilis Seed Extract) and the Karitè extract ( Shea butter Ethyl esters) who thanks to his nourishing, moisturizing, emollient, antioxidant properties give immediate benefits on the hair (anti-age action, softness, easy comb, perfume, anti-frizzy effect) and on the skin (malleability increased, softness and freshness).

    How to use it: On dry hair, spray the BioOil all over the hair locks brushing with the fingers. On wet hair, after Shampoo, spray all over the hair and extend with a comb or with an antistatic brush. On the Skin, spray the BiOil and massage until the complete absorption of the product .
    It doesn’t grease – stain

    Do not rinse.

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