Antage Serum Auxina Plus

ANTAGE SERUM AUXINA PLUS: anti-hairloss treatment with Auxin, phytocomplex (Tussilago Farfara, Achillea Millefolium, Cinchona Officinalis) with stimulating action. Combining the exceptional antioxidant properties of Argan Oil with the restructuring action of Keratin, the treatment stimulates the hair bulb, counters hair loss and prolongs the hair growth phase. Antage Serum Auxina neutralizes free radicals, slows down the hair ageing and strengthens the hair structure, making hair shiny and full of life. Ideal to rebuild damaged, dry, dull and thin hair. Immediate results from the first applications.

How to use: wash hair with Antage Shampoo, distribute Antage Serum evenly into damp hair beginning from the roots and then throughout hair. Massage gently to facilitate absorption and dry without rinsing. Instructions about the use of the Roll-On with roller ball inside the box.

The box contains: 10 vials 10 ml + 1 refillable Roll-On 5.5 ml.

Category: Linea:

Intensive treatment (first 3 weeks, 2/3 times a week):

  • Wash hair with Antage Shampoo.
  • Apply on wet hair Antage Balsamo and rinse.
  • Dry hair with a towel to remove the excess water. Apply the lotion directly   on the scalp using the applicator nozzle and massage gently with fingers.
  • Dry completely without rinsing.

Daily maintenance treatment ROLL-ON THERAPY:

Prepare the Roll-On bottle as follows: take off the roller ball and fill up the vial with the lotion using the applicator as funnel. Put the roller ball back on the vial and proceed as follows:

  • Divide hair and apply the lotion directly on the scalp, focusing on areas where hair is thinning out. Massage with the ball for 2 minutes. Do not rinse. The daily application of Roll-On is recommended also to relieve an itchy scalp.

– Intensive treatment: 1 lotion 3 times a week.

– Maintenance treatment: 1 lotion a week for 6 weeks and daily use of Roll-On.

For best and rapid results, we recommend using the lotion together with Antage Shampoo.