Hiragan Shampoo

(English) Hiragan Shampoo combines the exceptional stimulating properties of Gin-Seng with the restructuring action of Keratin. Recommended for all types of hair weakened by natural causes (stress, harsh climatic conditions, salinity, wind) or by chemical treatments (permanent, bleaching, colouring). Hiragan Shampoo makes hair manageable, shiny, soft and supple by restoring the vitamins and the proteins essential to hair natural beauty.
How to use: apply small amounts of Hiragan Shampoo on wet hair, massage gently until obtaining a soft foam, then rinse with lukewarm water. If necessary repeat the application. Apply on damp hair one Hiragan phial and massage gently to facilitate the penetration of the product. Style without rinsing.
Small deposits are natural components of the product itself.
Shake well before use.

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