Igenella Spray Sanitizer

Igenella spray is an effective spray sanitizer, no need to use water, adjuvant for hands and and small objects, such as handles, handrails, shopping trolleys etc., hygiene prevention. 

His formula combines the moisturizing emollient action of glycerin with the practicality of a single product for hands and objects. Ignella spray, enriched with Aloe Vera (vegetal bio-component), panthenol and allantoin, protecs your skin from external agents. Deodorize and hydrate leaving a sensation of freshness. 

 Application: Vaporize a small amount of Igenella spray on hands and rub for about 30 seconds. On objects: vaporize needed amount of product with the aid of a tissue, and leave on act as previously described. Do not rinse after the application. Repeat frequently as needed.

Spray Bottle 150 ml

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