Keratin System Pura

Keratin Pura is a long lasting re –builder treatment composed by Keratin and collagen, it’s ideal to regenerate and reinforce the damaged hair from the pollution, stress, chemicals treatment and also for dry and dehydrated that needs vitality and nourishment.
The high concentration of keratin and collagen it acts directly on the hair fiber repairing it deeply. Keratin Pura is effective for cure the frizzy hair: the proteins of keratin eliminate the frizzy effect making the hair younger and sane. The use of keratin Pura guarantee a daily improving of the hair condition, that will be stronger, soft and full of vitality.
How To Use:
1) Wash the hair with keratin liss shampoo
2) Eliminate the excess of water with a towel, leave the hair wet
3) After shaking well the bottle, prepare almost 50ml of Keratin pura in a bowl
4)Apply it on the hair using a brush and a comb, distributing it uniformly
5) Wrap the hair and make it rest 15/20 minutes
6) Rinse the hair
7) Apply Keratin Touch mask, make it rest few minutes then rinse
8) Dry the hair and proceed to the style desired.

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