OxPlex No.3 Hair Maintenance

OXPLEX No 3 Hair Maintenance, formulated with the same principles situated in OXPLEX No.1 and No.2, is the perfect way to maintain the result obtained in the hair salon with
Oxplex. Applied after shampoo as a mask, Oxplex No.3 it’s indicated as a reconstruction therapy for lifeless hair as it rebuilds the disulfide bond with amino acids and proteins.

Usage: 1) As maintenance: Wash your hair with TMT Shampoo Keratin Liss, dry up the water in excess and apply a generous quantity of OXPLEX No3 uniformly all over the hair. Wait 3 minutes and rinse with warm water.

2) As reconstruction: apply on washed and blotted hair uniformly from the roots to extremity of every single hair lock. Wrap the hair and leave them rest 10 minutes under a warm temperature. At the end, leave them cool down and rinse with cold water.

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