Italian Hair Curly

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  • Agua De Mar

    AGUA DE MARBEACH SENSATION – effetto playa keratina estratti erbe

    Multi-use spray for styling and finish. It textures and defines the natural waves of the hair and it allows creating a disheveled style, typical of natural sea breeze drying. It contains vegetal keratin to give thickness, pine and sage extracts for their balsamic and purifying powers.

    How to use: to highlight hair’s natural waves, spray a modest quantity Agua De Mar. For a disheveled beach style, apply the product up to obtain a slightly dry and matt effect.

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  • Co-Wash Cream

    CO-WASH CREAM – Crema Lavante LOW-POO

    Co-Wash and LOW POO low foaming washing cream suitable for curls and especially indicated for 3b to 4c curls types (see table)
    Co-Wash cream contains argan and castor oils, Shea (karité) butter, lavander and gentian extracts to easily detangle your curls.
    Without SLES-SLS-Parabens, perfect for The Curly Method.

    How to use: Apply Co-Wash Cream abundantly on wet hair. Let it absorb for some minutes, and then massage with fingers delicately to detangle the hair and untie the knots. Rinse thoroughly.
    Co-Wash Cream can be used as a light conditioner after Freely shampoo application.

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  • Freely Gel

    FREELY GEL FLEXIBLE HOLD – fissaggio elastico

    Freely Gel is a transparent no-dry fluid for curls, waves and corkscrew curls’ definition and hydration.
    His formula with vegetal keratin protects curls from humidity by sealing cuticles.
    Without SLES-SLS-Parabens, perfect for The Curly Method.

    How to use: Apply on washed and detangle hair with TMT Italian curly products, dosing the quantity according to hair’s length and the environmental humidity.
    Distribute it by scrunching upwards to encourage curls formation or slide fingers down to lengthen curls.

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  • Freely Mask

    FREELY MASKHYPER-HYDRATING NOURISHING – ultra-idratante nutriente.

    Freely Mask ultra-hydrating treatment with Shea (karité) butter, vegetal keratin and linseeds for shiny, no-frizzy, soft and combables curls.
    Without SLES-SLS-Parabens, perfect for the Curly Method.

    How to use: After a wash with Freely Shampoo, apply Freely Mask on damp hair. Massage the product uniformly on lengths. Leave it act for 5 minutes. Rinse thoroughly.

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  • Freely Shampoo


    Freely Shampoo hydrating and firming for wavy and curly hair. With wheat protein it makes your curls silky, elastic and combables.
    Without SLES-SLS-Parabens, perfect for The Curly Method.

    How to use: Apply Freely Shampoo on wet hair. Massage the product on scalp and lengths for some minutes. Rinse thoroughly

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  • Magic Booster

    MAGIC BOOSTER: – CURL MAGNIFY – magnificante ricci

    Modelling spray for curls support and volume, styling facilitating. The formula enriched with wheat protein, sage and birch extracts gives nourishment, brightness and softness to the hair. It is suitable for 2c waves type and 3c-3b curls type (see table).

    How to use: Vaporize Magic Booster on damp hair and proceed with desired hairstyle, without rinsing.

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  • Ripple Oil


    Ripple Oil with Shea (karité) butter with anti-breakage action. It is ideal on dry and treated curly hair, to rebuild hair shaft and give body to curls. It counteracts the frizz, laminates and defines the curls, making them consistent, shinier and brighter and combables.

    How to use: Apply Ripple oil on damp or dry hair: on hair lengths to laminate the shaft and on tips to strengthen them up to obtain soft, elastic and defined curls. Do not rinse.

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  • Snappy Butter Serum


    Snappy Butter Serum with Shea (Karité) butter, nourishing and mosturizing with elasticizing and anti-frizzy effect. Suitable to shape and define all curls types.

    How to use: After a wash, dispense the needed quantity of Sanppy Butter on hand’s palm, and then apply it on damp hair in a scrunching motion. Do not rinse. Dry the hair with diffuser. Suitable for application on dry hair to revitalize curls. At the end, hair will explode in a curls cascade.

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