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  • Luminox Color Perfector

    Post-Colour Spray Mask, it defines the colour enhancing the brightness and the brilliance.

    Luminox Colour Perfector defines the colour extending the duration and enhancing the brightness and the brilliance. Purifying action, it protects the hair making it soft and silky.

    Use: after the Coloration and shampoo, vaporize it all over the hair and distributing with an hairbrush. Let it rest for 3 minutes and then rinse. It doesn’t need the use of others Hair Masks.

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  • Oxplex Cellular Rebuilding 1+2

    Innovative complex of amino acids and proteins devised as support during colouring, bleaching and perm. OXPLEX acts together with the treatment, ensuring with a single service:
    1. Strengthening and repair of the hair.
    2. Protection from chemical agents.
    3. Top result in terms of colour, shine and hold.
    Hair is immediately strong, soft, full of life, regenerated.
    OXPLEX doesn’t alter the result of the colouring or bleaching.
    Simple and immediate application, not requiring further steps during the treatment. Detailed instructions inside the package.

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  • OxPlex No.3 Hair Maintenance

    OXPLEX No 3 Hair Maintenance, formulated with the same principles situated in OXPLEX No.1 and No.2, is the perfect way to maintain the result obtained in the hair salon with
    Oxplex. Applied after shampoo as a mask, Oxplex No.3 it’s indicated as a reconstruction therapy for lifeless hair as it rebuilds the disulfide bond with amino acids and proteins.

    Usage: 1) As maintenance: Wash your hair with TMT Shampoo Keratin Liss, dry up the water in excess and apply a generous quantity of OXPLEX No3 uniformly all over the hair. Wait 3 minutes and rinse with warm water.

    2) As reconstruction: apply on washed and blotted hair uniformly from the roots to extremity of every single hair lock. Wrap the hair and leave them rest 10 minutes under a warm temperature. At the end, leave them cool down and rinse with cold water.

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  • Plex Mousse Extra Blonde

    Plex Mousse Extra-Blond Silver is designed to tone down the yellow hues in bleaching or very light colours without leaving violet, blue or rosy
    reflections. The Plex molecule acts as a protection allowing more pronounced lightening to be achieved.

    How to use: add one/two nuts of foam to the mixture for a platinum effect or apply directly on the hair after colouring or bleaching to extinguish the yellow and enhance the silver
    tone. Do not rinse.

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  • Plex Mousse Protection

    Plex Mousse Full Protection is the new technology to protect hair and enhance colour, allowing ultra-bright reflections to be achieved with any dyeing or bleaching. The anti-burn Plex molecules contained in its formula protect the skin from redness and irritation, prevent the breakage of treated hair by balancing its porosity and intensify the reflexes and shine of the dye, giving softness and silkiness.

    How to use: after shaking the tank, apply one/two nuts of foam directly into the dyeing or bleaching mixture and mix until obtaining a homogeneous cream. Proceed with the treatments as usual, following the instructions on the respective package.

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  • Extraplex

    ExtraPlex Deco con la  nuova tecnologia a protezione attiva Polyamino Sugar Condensate permette di ottenere rapidamente schiariture fino a 9 toni, lasciando allo stesso tempo i capelli straordinariamente morbidi, lucidi e setosi. Il complesso di aminoacidi e  zuccheri contenuti nella formula protegge lo stelo dalla rottura. Il tono antigiallo attenua i riflessi indesiderati per una decolorazione perfetta senza compromessi.

    Modo d’uso: miscelare nel rapporto 1:2 (1 parte di polvere + 2 parti di ossidante) , ad esempio 30 g di ExtraPlex Deco con 60 g di TMT Milano Oxidant 20-30-40 Vol. Applicare la miscela su capelli asciutti e non lavati. Tenere in posa dai 20 ai 30 min a seconda del grado di schiaritura desiderata, controllando frequentemente il livello raggiunto. Risciacquare accuratamente, applicare lo Shampoo TMT Milano BOTUOXIGENE DETOX per rimuovere il prodotto e lo Spray TMT Milano LUMINOX  per rifinire la struttura del capello evitandone la rottura.

    CAUTIONS: wear protective gloves. Avoid the contact with the skin. Avoid inhalation and ingestion of powder. Do not use on damaged or impoverished hair. Do not use if the scalp is broken, inflamed or sensitive. Do not use on eyebrows or eyelashes. If the product comes into contact with the eyes, rinse immediately with plenty of water. If irritation persists, seek medical advice. 48 hours before the application of the product, should be carried out a skin sensitivity test. Store in a cool and dry place. Avoid the moisture. Seal container tightly after use. Use in a well ventilated area. Keep out of reach of children.

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